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As seen in Northern Beaches Review – Be Centre launches it’s inaugural campaign.

Dress Up your Letterbox: 25-31 October 2021

The Be Centre Letterbox Dress Up campaign is the inaugural fundraising engagement – starting in 2021!

By registering to dress up your letterbox between 25-31 October 2021 on our Just Giving platform and sharing your letterbox design and asking for donations you will be supporting the vital work that the Be Centre does and raising funds to help disadvantaged children going through difficulties get the help they need through play therapy, so they can thrive – not just survive.

Please get your community behind this initiative. We would love for schools, families, friends, neighbours to get involved to help raise funds and get behind this campaign.

Play is so important to connect with each other particularly during these times. By actively engaging with families and children and have some fun whilst supporting a local charity which helps children and families overcome their challenges.

Please get involved to create awareness of the benefits of play, raise funds to help our community and at risk kids, and have some fun playing and dressing up your letterbox.

  • $15 will provide paint for a child’s “Hear Me Play” program
  • $50 will provide arts and crafts for “Hear Me Play” play therapy program
  • $100 will provide funds for a parent counselling sessions
  • $167 will provide funds for a one on one play therapy for an at risk child.

What they struggle to say, we help through play. Join us today and REGISTER HERE NOW to play.


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