Launching Two New Group Therapy Programs

27 Feb 2024

Launching Two New Group Therapy Programs

We are so grateful to receive funding to create and deliver two new group therapy programs through Sydney North Health Network (SNHN). The two new programs we’re able to deliver are: ‘Seasons for Growth’ which was made possible through funding from SNHN through the Department of Health; and a ‘Group Art Therapy’ program which was made possible through funding from SNHN through the Ministry of Health. More about these wonderful programs below.

Seasons for Growth
During Term 4, 2023, the Mackillop Seasons for Growth program began. A free 8-week educational program for 6–12-year-olds, that addresses the impact of change and loss in their lives. This unique program integrates psychology and education to foster knowledge, skills, and attitudes in navigating such challenges.  Be Centre’s program took place in a small, supportive group with a focus on playful interactions, using the metaphor of the seasons, to explore change in a child’s life.

Using our new Group Therapy Room a ‘Seasons for Growth’ themed nurturing space was created. This is where children support each other, express themselves, and learn self-care strategies when dealing with life changes.

The Seasons for Growth for Children & Young People’s program, is now in its third edition, and is backed by research, evidence, and formal evaluations. It has been successfully implemented in schools and community settings through various agencies and services. Explore more about  Children and Young People’s Program | MacKillop Seasons.
We’re delighted to support children now at Be Centre in a group where this program is delivered.

If your child is facing challenges related to change and loss, such as changing friendships, parental separation, relocation, or the impacts of COVID-19 this program will also be running in Term 2 & 3 2024, and may provide valuable support.

Art Therapy Program
In February, we launched our Group Art Therapy Program. This term program caters for children 7-14 years, who may struggle with anxiety, social challenges, or difficulties in self-regulation. Led by one of our experienced Art Therapists at Be Centre, the Art Therapy Group coined the ‘Good Planet Studio’ focused on supporting children around climate anxiety. This program runs weekly with 10 children per group and provides children with the opportunity to express their perspectives on climate change through a diverse range of artistic mediums.

Whilst this program is in its infancy, we have already had great demand and wonderful feedback from parents/carers of the impact this is having.

For more information on these programs please contact the team at





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