2021 Impact Measurement Report

14 Dec 2021

We are very excited to share with you our very first Impact Measurement Report.

Our team at Be Centre experience first-hand the positive outcomes that our Play Therapy program has on children and families, but it is important to be able to measure it in a meaningful way for our Be Centre community. Seven our our skilled Play Therapists were interviewed in-depth and surveys collated from 25 clients to provide key insights into the impact of our work at Be Centre.

We are proud to share with you that over the last three years (FY19-FY21) and during the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted families’ overall ability to engage with play therapy, our Play Therapists:
• Served 653 clients and conducted 7,351 play therapy sessions with children aged between 3-12 years old.
• Delivered 773 parent sessions to equip parents with the tools to support their children at home.
• Conducted 197 activities designed to support our Play Therapy program through art club, holiday workshops and our Festival of Play offering.

Play Therapy is an interactive, child-centered form of communication and engagement and through our Impact Report we pleasingly uncovered that the children who completed our program, learned valuable tools. Most notably, the children walked away with:
• Greater self-awareness and self-regulation.
• More success with self-expression and making sense of their own experiences.
• An increase in pro-social behaviour, and better ability to develop positive relationships and secure attachments.
• A reduction in emotional distress, hyperactivity, peer difficulties and behavioural difficulties.

We are thrilled with the positive outcomes for our Be Centre children and families and are so happy to be able to quantify their achievements and success.

Find out more about our 2021 Impact Measurement Report here. We would love you to share it with those you feel may benefit from our Play Therapy program.
We are certainly looking forward to helping more children and families in need in 2022.

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