2021 Annual Report

08 Dec 2021

Just released, check out our 2021 Annual Report!

Whilst 2021 has been an extremely challenging year, as a self-funded charity, we have been pleased that we have been able to withstand COVID-19 for another year and continue to deliver our important play therapy program to children and families experiencing difficulties.

Download the full Annual Report now.

At a time where anxiety, worry, depression and psychological distress is at its peak, the skilled therapists at Be Centre have provided a safe and secure environment where children can be heard, healed, and can create the building blocks to become self-aware, emotionally regulated, and resilient. Proudly, we would like to highlight the key deliverables we were able to achieve in 2021:

  • 1844 Play Therapy sessions
  • 56 Tele-play therapy sessions
  • 145 children attended Play Therapy
  • 33 Art Club sessions
  • 8 holiday community workshops with 49 participants
  • 49% of Play Therapy sessions provided on a scholarship basis
  • 39 families benefited from Parent Child Attachment Play
  • 12 Festival of Play (bushfire impact workshops) with 164 participants.

Play therapy is crucial for intervention. It allows children to receive the support they need to become mentally healthy and happy going into adolescence and adulthood. Leaving trauma unattended can lead to a range of issues, mental health complexities and potential psychological disorders. Play therapy is a proven approach to healing trauma.

Be Centre is funded entirely through generous donors, fundraising activities, and grants. We urge you to take the time to read our Annual Report to gain a better understanding of the work we do and recommend us to children or families in need. We welcome you to join our Be Centre Community and follow us on social media (links below).

Want to get more involved? We are always on the lookout for skilled volunteers, individual donors, business donors, fundraisers, brand ambassadors, and gifts to auction off at fundraising events to raise much needed funds. Please see our support page, to find out how you can worth with us to give back: BE Supporters – Be Centre.

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