Need to Play

Don’t forget the Children… 

Thousands of children across Australia have been impacted by the devasting Bushfires, the long drought and flooding rains we have and are still experiencing this summer.  Either from under direct threat of losing their homes, impacted by severe smoke, or images they have seen on TV, or where their parents volunteer or work on the front as a fire fighter.

In some cases children will present as being unaffected but the trauma can resurface even months down the track. It is important that we provide children with a way to express their feelings by helping them process and make sense of what is happening to them so that they do not develop long term mental health issues from this frightening and devastating event in their lives.

Encouraging children to Play out their experiences is a powerful way of helping children to feel safe and express their feelings.  For most, this will help them move past the trauma.

Be Centre has put together the following Need to Play video and fact sheet to help you support your child.

Need to Play – Fact Sheet

Play is instinctive and it can tap into deep emotions, allowing greater understanding and insight.

By playing it out your child is safely expressing feelings such as fear, confusion, sadness and anger. Play can literally rewire the brain and help your child heal, manage stress and build resilience.

The Need to Play Fact Sheet is an excellent tool for helping children cope with all forms of natural disasters.

Download the Be Centre Need to Play Fact Sheet

If you are worried that your child is not coping and needs additional support, please contact either your GP or call Be Centre on 02 99137000.

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How you can help!

Need to Play - Play Bags

Some children have lost everything in the bushfires. We need your help in giving these children back the power of play.

We are aiming to produce 1,000 Play Bags containing specially selected sensory toys and Arts/crafts items designed to help reduce anxiety in children as they process the trauma from the bushfires.

The Play Bags include

plus much more.

Processing what’s happened is an important part of recovery from natural disasters, especially for our children. Grab your paints, play doh or sand and let them play out what they’ve been through.

$20 is the cost of providing a Play Bag to a child in the most affected bushfire areas.

Donate now to help give a child the ability to play out their experiences with a Be Centre Play Bag