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Play therapists, interns and volunteers


Fiona Howell, Play Therapist

Clinical Manager, PostGrad Dip Play Therapy, BBSc, RN, Clinical Supervisor (Provisional), Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, AHPRA, APPTA, PTI, ACMHN                     

Working for over thirty years in the mental health field with both adults and young people I have experienced the impact of unresolved childhood traumas and challenges. Play therapy is a gentle and respectful method of addressing these difficulties in a safe and supportive environment, allowing children to reach their potential. It is a joy and a privilege to be able to support children and families on this journey through Play Therapy at Be Centre.


Tjinta Pearse, Play Therapist

Clinical team leader, PostGrad Cert Play Therapy, BA (Psych), Dip Youth Work, AAPTA                                                                                               

Children’s needs are often overlooked or not prioritised. Play therapy is an amazing medium of great benefit to children and young people by promoting healing for a wide range of issues: mental and physical health concerns, single episodes or ongoing traumatic events. Play builds confidence and increasing potential in children who are presenting mild behavioural and emotional challenges. Research demonstrates play is the key to positive attachments, increased brain development and improved resilience in children and young people.


Sophie Parkinson, Practitioner of Play Therapy Skills

PostGrad Cert Play Therapy, BA Hons (Psych), Dip NSpH, PTI

Play Therapy approach to children is deeply respectful.  A unique space is created in which the child feels accepted exactly as they are. From this point of acceptance the child is naturally drawn to explore and experience their own true nature. This affords them the opportunity to work through any psychological, behavioural or emotional issues within this safe space and, most importantly, in their own time. At Be Centre we help facilitate and observe such life changing process.


Kati Britton, Play Therapist

B AppSoSc (Counselling), GradDip (Art & Play), CMCAPA, PACFA, ARCAP, APPTA

The use of Play Therapy is of great interest and importance. Play reflects a child’s world, and is a vital foundation for healthy child development. Being part of this process is indescribable. We watch how a child develops coping strategies and mastery of things that are scary or difficult for them through their own play. It is a natural process and one that will continue to help children communicate, particularly in a safe and fun environment”.


Jennifer May, Play Therapist

Post Grad Dip (non directive Play Therapy), BA Applied Social Studies in Social Care, PTI                                                                                           

Working for many years with children and adolescents who have struggled to address their emotional difficulties, the role Play Therapy plays helps them to find healthier ways of communicating with those around them. Watching children develop greater resilience and coping skills through Play Therapy is a journey that is a privilege to be part of. 

Cathy Belousoff, Practitioner of Therapeutic Play Therapy SkillsCathy

Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills, M.Sc (Occupational Therapy), B. App. Sc. (Occupational Therapist)

As a health professional for many years, I understand the importance of health and wellbeing. When a child has concerns and worries, Play Therapy helps a child reach their full capabilities through giving them the permission to play and express their feelings. Play Therapy is an extremely powerful approach for helping children to heal.

Katie Summerfield, Play Therapist

Post Grad Dip Play Therapy, BSc Hon Psychology, PTI , APPTA, MBPSS                                                                          

Working for over 15 years with vulnerable children and families, I wanted to be able to support the emotional needs of children in a developmentally appropriate way. Play Therapy utilises the natural universal language of children (play) to help them communicate and resolve their difficulties. Like flowers we bloom in the right environment; Play Therapy creates a safe space for children, enabling them to work through their difficulties and “grow”. I am passionate about using this gentle approach to healing and empowering children.

Justine Henderson, Art Therapist

MA Therapy - UWS, B.A Comm ATCL

Art therapy provides a safe and supportive alternative to purely verbal therapy. Creativity can be such a tool for change and growth, especially at times when words cannot be found. Be Centre works with children and parents to encourage their creative expression. Clients explore their unique creativity and the opportunity to communicate what is in their heads and their hearts with paint, clay, pencils, pastels, paper, mixed media, glue, glitter and more! No experience is necessary.


Heather Coull, Intern Play Therapist

MA Child Play Therapy (in progress), PostGrad Cert Play Therapy. BA Applied Social Science (Counselling)  

Children of all backgrounds experiencing Play Therapy discover its wonders in giving children a voice, allowing them to express themselves in a creative and safe space. They are free to try new things, learn new skills, trust in themselves and heal inner struggles. Aboriginal adolescents are just one grouping where Play Therapy if accessible within the Aboriginal communities can help all children to grow beautifully.  Play Therapy is a natural way to help children shine.

Kerry Paul, Intern Practioner of Therapuetic Play Skills

B.Ed, Dip Early Intervention, Higher Diploma of teaching, Dip Teaching Early Childhood Education, Dip of Counselling, PTI, PTA, AIPC, ACA

As an Early Childhood Teacher for 30 years I know how important early intervention is. There have been many instances over the years where as a teacher I have helped children going through anxiety, a crisis or trauma – I wanted to learn more about how to help  them through it. When children are given the chance in the right environment, they learn the skills they need. They continue to use these new found skills to play out their fears, experiences and traumas and build on their knowledge and grow in resilience through the Play Therapy experience. It is a privilege to finally become part of this amazing process through Be Centre.


Michelle Mott, Volunteer - Parent Support

RN, Master of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy

Supporting parents at Be Centre provides an opportunity to connect with some great people. As a psychotherapist and counsellor one recognises that the emotional needs of parents are an important ingredient in the health and wellbeing of our children.

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