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While it’s relatively new in Australia, Play Therapy is increasingly being recognised as one of the most effective forms of therapy for children aged 3-12. As one of the largest specialist Play Therapy centres in the world, Be Centre is proud to be leading the way in making Play Therapy accessible to kids in Australia – transforming countless lives along the way.

Our Work

Everything we do is focused on the children we support. With this in mind, we also provide therapeutic programs for


We want you to understand how Play Therapy works, who it can help, and how Be Centre go about delivering

Play Therapy

While adults may use counselling to help them through difficulties, it’s not always so effective for children. This is because

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Built on Your Support

Be Centre relies on community support to fund children in greatest need and to ensure ongoing provision of affordable services. We are grateful for all forms of support and offer a range of ways in which you can help, including volunteering, corporate programs, fundraising and donations.

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We don’t receive any government grants, yet around 70% of the children who visit Be Centre do so for free. This is all thanks to our amazing community of supporters, who we rely on to keep doing what we do. We’re grateful for all forms of support, from donations and volunteering to corporate sponsorship. If you’d like to help, we’d love to hear from you.